You Know, For Kids

You Know, For Kids

Here at Little Word, our mission is to teach the Bible to children, focusing on symbolism and typology.

Symbolism... Typology... Aren’t those concepts tough for kids to grasp? Can a five-year-old really explain the difference between a type and an antitype?

Maybe not. But a five-year-old knows what a tree is. A five-year-old can understand that God planted trees in the Garden and in the New Jerusalem. He can understand that an ark is made from a tree. So is a cross.

Kids don’t need to explain these symbols to find them. Just as we teach children colors without explaining color theory and letters without explaining linguistics, we can teach them the building blocks of Scripture without diving into systematic theology.

Find the water. Find the trees. Find the mountains. Find the sun, moon, and stars. Find the ears, hands, and feet.

A child who can tell you where to find those things in Scripture knows the Bible better than many professional theologians.

The Bible is for children, and we must become like children to read it correctly.
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