You know, for kids.

In the textured and glorious words of Scripture, God shows us how the world really works. Our aim is to come alongside Christian parents to train youngsters in that world. We want them planted firmly in God’s reality.

The Bible shows us that the whole world points to Jesus—every blade of grass and tree by a stream, every well and flowing river, every sea monster and fish, bird and creeping thing, every piece of bread and cup of wine.

The Scriptures show us Jesus in stories about real men and women who fought wars, made mistakes, fulfilled promises, and broke covenants. It shows us the story of a real man who was born of a real virgin, cried actual tears, and bled red blood. He was nailed to a tree like a piece of fruit returned to the Father. And that good man—that good seed—went into Sheol, sprang forth on the 3rd day, and continued to rise to His Father’s right hand.

To God be the glory.