Help us get started

Help us get started

Friends of Little Word,

We believe in the power of images and storytelling. Their impact on young minds is obvious, but profound.

So, we've embarked on quite the journey here. Little Word is a non-profit publishing house for God's youngest disciples.

Our mission is simple: to teach God's children Biblical symbols and Kingdom virtues with beauty and imagination.

Little Word books combine sound Biblical theology with incredible illustrations and catchy writing. This combination is unique in the world of children's books — and sorely needed.

We have two books already on the press, and both have been received warmly by readers young and old. And we have plans for many more.

Your financial support will not only help establish this endeavor, but will play a vital role in nurturing the hearts of the next generation with the light of God's grace and truth from their littlest days.

We're trying to raise $15,000 to cover some initial start-up costs.

So far, we've raised $3,000. Please consider donating to help us bring more books like this into the world.

Together, let us sow the seeds of faith and wonder in young souls, God's little children, guiding them on a path of joyous discovery and helping them see the world, and God's word, with new eyes.

To give to our work, click HERE.

- Brian Moats
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