Books And A Trip To Moscow

Books And A Trip To Moscow

Hey folks, 

It's been a full and exciting month here at Little Word.

We sent our first board book (Ear, Hand, Foot) to the printer. And, by God's grace, it looks like you'll be able to purchase it before the year's end.

Next, we took a trip to Moscow, ID where we were a vendor for the general council meetings of the CREC. The CREC is the denomination that Christian Leithart, Ryan Harrison and I are a part of.

During the week, pastors from all over the country (and world) heard encouraging talks from CREC leaders, met with their presbyteries, engaged in lively worship, participated in council meetings, and feasted jovially together.

Little Word had a vendor table, and it was thrilling to talk to so many of you about what we're working on.

The excitement about our work was infectious, and it was delightful to see folks thumbing through a prototype of "Ear, Hand, Foot," - catching the vision of where Little Word is headed. 

Those of you who have financially backed our work made this trip happen, and we sincerely thank you! (To donate to our work, click HERE. We still have a ways-to-go for our year-end goal)

Take a look below at a few images of our table at Council. And look for another announcement from us very soon!

- Brian Moats


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